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Over time, many couples find that their intimacy and ‘spark’ wanes away, especially after several years of marriage. My sex therapy for couples will help you to identify and work with the challenges in the intimate aspect of your relationship to unlock your full sexual potential with each other. Intimacy therapy will also lead to a more fulfilling relationship in other areas.


Sex and sensuality are a vital part of many relationships, and through the course of my intimacy therapy for couples, I will work with you both to unlock the individual unconscious sexual stories that are contributing to your current intimate and sexual disconnection. By helping you as a couple to explore and understand your sexual journey, you will develop a deeper and more intimate relationship than ever before.


Unlike other forms of relationship counselling, I use Imago Therapy to help you both understand your lost sexual self, your disowned sexual self and your denied sexual self as the way to help you grow a deep sexual wholeness and fullness within your relationship.

My sex therapy for couples is designed to be a two day workshop in order to ensure you don’t feel rushed and we will have plenty of time to discuss everything we need to, to ensure you both feel in the best position to move forward and work on the intimate side of your relationship together. I generally recommend booking a sex and sensuality workshop on a weekday so you can avoid the distractions of busy family life and take the following weekend together to discuss the workshop and your next steps as a couple.

If you’re a married couple look to regain the sexuality, sensuality and intimacy back in your relationship, and you want more information about my sex therapy for couples in South Africa, don’t hesitate to email me at or give me a call on +27 (0) 60 951 3955 today.

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