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Marriage Restoration

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2 Day Intensive 

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These intensives are not for the faint of heart, but they will change your lives forever. We don’t say that lightly. It takes courage and vulnerability to fight for your marriage and your hearts. The couples who come to these intensives are often at the end of their rope, and feel like they have nothing left to give. But we’ve watched impossible situations turned upside down, and right side up.


Intensive marriage restoration is a type of counselling service for couples who are experiencing relationship problems or are going through difficult times. This form of marriage counselling takes place over a period of 3-5 days and allows licensed counsellors to help you and your partner get to the root of your issues.

This therapy aims to create an in-depth understanding of not only your marriage but also yourself. It teaches you and your partner how to effectively communicate with one another, and finally, it gives your marriage the tools it needs to absolve issues and move on. 

If you feel like you are coming to the end of your marriage, or facing situations that feel irreparable, then perhaps our intensive marriage counselling could be of benefit to you. At Couples Help, we have supported many couples through challenging times, and have even helped repair relationships that were damaged or even broken. 

Remember, it is never too late to fix your problems in your marriage and with our help you can overcome difficulties and fall back in love with one another. If you are thinking about taking part in one of our intensive courses, then you can book a free consultation with one of our trained counsellors to find out how this type of therapy can benefit you and your marriage. 


At Couples help, we conduct our intensive marriage counselling across two or three successive days, depending on your preferences and requirements. All of our marriage therapy sessions are conducted in a private environment, meaning it is a safe place to discuss any relationships problems you may be having. 

Together we will work through any issues you and your partner may have without any judgement, shame or guilt. By doing so, we hope to resolve any and all problems in harmony, to bring you and your partner back together again. 

Louis Venter is the trained counsellor who runs all of our intensive marriage counselling classes, and as a leading clinical intensive relationship therapist, he has reconnected couples all over South Africa.


Our intensive therapy sessions will begin with a welcoming introduction followed by a relationship evaluation session. Through this, we will try to identify any issues within your relationship and look to accept them before moving forward.

Following this, we will conduct a personality analysis that will deepen your understanding of both yourself and one another. Couples who have been in long marriages admit that this step has helped them learn things about themselves and their partner which they had never realised before.


Through these workshops, you will learn the true art of connection and contact with your partner, and hopefully, it will teach you both how to reconnect fully and how to talk openly and honestly with each other.

Finally, our intensive marriage counselling sessions will also cover the subject of sex. We all know that sex is an important aspect of any marriage, so because of this, you will undergo a sexual journey together in an intimate setting, which will hopefully help you and your partner reconnect once again.


The schedule for the counselling sessions will typically run from 9am until 6pm. Although we do offer counselling sessions during the weekend, we recommend that you book time off work so that time can be spent entirely on yourself and your partner, rather than on family or work-related commitments. 

3 hour session

1 Day Intensive

2 Day Intensive

For more information and book your session, call Couples Help on +27 (0) 60 951 3955 or email

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