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So you have a good marriage. Make it GREAT. Good to Great couple's workshops are created to solidify strong, long-term relationships by bringing back the exciting times of a new relationship.


Many people only consider couples therapy when there is hurt and disconnection in their relationship, but my Good to Great couple’s communication workshop offers a two day journey for couples who feel their relationship is already good, strong and solid, but want to fall even further in love. I will take you through a variety of ways you can invest time and energy into developing your love and intimacy for each other on a regular basis, allowing you to further grow as a couple.

Good to Great couple’s workshops are designed if you’re happy and content in your long-term relationship, but wish to rekindle the excited feelings of early romance and excitement of your relationship when it was new. Based on Imago Therapy, my Good to Great couple’s communication workshop will approach your relationship, rather than two individuals, as I help you to reconnect to each other and work towards getting the love you want.


My Good to Great couple’s communication workshop is the perfect romantic gift or present to your partner, and we see many people choosing a Good to Great workshop for their anniversary or Valentine’s Day. By choosing a Good to Great workshop, you will be investing your relationship and cultivating your understanding of each other and your relationship together.

It’s my ultimate passion to help people develop a conscious relationship that enables both partners to express their love daily in both small and large ways, giving each other what is needed for feelings of joy and oneness within the relationship.


By spending time focusing on your relationship in the good times, you can avoid feelings of disillusionment, hurt and anger later on. Booking this two-day couple’s communication workshop on a weekday will allow you the weekend afterwards to discuss the workshop and take some time together to implement everything you learnt, enjoying the feelings of joy and fresh romance all over again.

I understand that you may wish to find out more before you book you choose Good to Great couple’s workshops. Simply call me on +27 (0) 60 951 3955 or email today.

Want to see how counselling helps lay a solid foundation for other happy engaged couples?

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