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Couples Counselling

Experience a new type of therapy, designed to return a relationship to wholeness.

You’re doing okay, but you wonder if you could be better. You lock horns every now and again, and there are things that trigger unhealthy responses. You just need some tools to help you have better conversations and find each other again. That’s okay, we can have a single session, and delve into your needs. 

Couple holding hands

Relationship Counselling in Johannesburg

All couples fight from time to time. In fact, arguing and disagreements are a natural part of any relationship. However, when those quarrels are left unresolved and hurtful words are exchanged, the relationship can suffer and it can cause a rift between you and your partner. 

To resolve issues as such, its sometimes worth getting an impartial, outside party to help with communication.  Couples therapy, conducted by a professional, is the most effective way of doing this, and many couples can see results after just one session. 

At Couples Help, we offer single sessions that will delve into your needs. Each session is three hours long, to give us the time and space to fully engage, and at the end of a session, we’ll chat about where your relationship is at and if you would both benefit from follow up sessions.

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Relationship counselling will help your marriage

Depending on what you want out of our relationship counselling sessions, we at Couples Help will tailor each and every session to ensure that when you and your partner leave you both feel that some positive progress has been made.


Some couples come to us hoping to generally transform their relationships, and some want to focus on a specific issue. Either way, we’ll carefully guide both you and your partner through issues to help you reach a conclusion about the best way of going forward.

During our sessions, you and your partner will be able to identify issues and resolve them in a safe environment. You will also be able to better understand you and your partner's needs and move away from the past to a brighter future.

Why choose Couples Help for your relationship counselling?

At Couples Help, we use Imago Therapy in the hope of reconnecting you and your partner. We want every couple that attends one of our sessions to be able to journey to a new level of intimacy and connection with one another.


Whilst we understand that regaining a connection takes time, it’s our mission to give you and your partner the tools you need to get there. There’s nothing we’re more passionate about at Couples Help than helping couples save and restore their relationships through Imago-based couples counselling.

If our relationship counselling sounds like it would be something beneficial for and your partner, please feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.


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