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Are You Ready to Say "I Do"?

Build a thriving marriage from the start. Pre-marriage counselling helps couples like you develop essential communication skills, navigate conflict effectively, and set realistic expectations for a happy and healthy partnership.

Pre-Marriage Counselling Options

Rustic Wedding Decorations

Private Sessions

Build a love that lasts. Unlock deep connection and effective communication with personalised intensive pre-marriage counseling. In-person in Johannesburg or virtually.

Online Course

Learn communication and conflict resolution skills couples usually take years to master, all at your own pace and from the comfort of your own couch with The Art of Loving.

Couples Workshop

 Immerse yourselves in a one-day workshop, packed with practical tools and expert guidance. Plus, gain full access to The Art of Loving online course for continuous relationship growth.


Pre-Marriage Counselling

Private Sessions

In-Person - Johannesburg or Virtual


Planning your wedding day is exciting, but the transition to married life can also bring unexpected challenges. Feeling scared, confused, or even frustrated is completely normal – you're not alone! Many couples experience a range of emotions during this period of change and adjustment.

At Couples Help, I've seen countless engaged couples facing anxieties and conflict. While arguments might seem alarming, they're often a sign that you're both invested in making your future marriage work. It's a chance to learn and grow together.

Think back to a time when you communicated beautifully and felt deeply connected. Now, imagine those skills amplified, ready to weather any storm life throws your way. That's the power of premarital counseling.

Book a 3-Hour or 1-Day Intensive Session

Building a Strong Foundation

Pre-Marriage Workshop

One Day Group Workshop + Online Resources

The Pre-Marriage workshop will provide you with the skills, knowledge and perspective you need for accelerated growth and transformation in your relationship. I will guide you to build a solid foundation of wholeness ready for your marriage, helping you to have the healthy conversations you need to have before your special day. Whether stress from your financial situation or learning how to handle conflict together as a team, the learnings will ensure both long and short term joy and support in your long and happy marriage.

or Sign up for The Art of Loving

Online Couples Course

Self-Paced, eLearning

Discover key lessons and practical tools at your own pace with The Art of Loving eLearning program.


I offer pre-marriage support in three formats. Your sessions can be delivered over a series of private sessions, a one day group couples workshop, or through my eLearning course, The Art of Loving. Your comfort and success are my top priorities. Choose the format that best suits your needs and preferences


Regardless of the format you choose, throughout your pre-marriage counselling, Louis Venter, your Imago therapist will take you through a number of different marriage preparation topics so you can enjoy a whole new level of connection with each other from the start of your marriage. 

Pre-marital education is about:
  • Building a strong foundation for a lasting partnership.

  • Learning how to work together, with empathy and understanding, even through challenges.

  • Mastering communication skills for open and honest conversations.

The Imago Therapy approach, a safe and supportive space to:

  • Explore the root causes of conflict and understand each other's perspectives.

  • Develop healthy communication tools for expressing your needs and emotions effectively.

  • Strengthen your emotional connection and intimacy.

My premarital counseling is about much more than just preparing for your wedding day. It's an investment in your future happiness and well-being as a couple and growing family. I'll walk alongside you, guiding you towards building a thriving, fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Ready to navigate the journey together with confidence? 

Premarital counselling is a brave step to take and will help you to embark on married life together confidently and with true intimacy and trust. Seeking trained professional help from family therapists can be a difficult, but rewarding, step. To find out if it’s the right choice for you, for more information or assistance with booking any of the options, please get in touch on +27 (0) 60 951 3955, complete the form below or email

Want to see how counselling helps lay a solid foundation for other happy engaged couples?

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