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Hot Monogamy

8 Hours
R6 500 per Couple
Please get in touch if you are interested in Hot Monogamy workshop or book a couples counselling intensive session.

For couples living within the monogamous paradigm who desires to bring the flame back into their sex experience.


What will we achieve?

  • Helping couples spice up their sex experience

  • Helping couples to talk about sex without blame, shame, or frustration

  • Assisting couples to develop a long-term plan for a sustainable sex life.

  • Helping couples to unlock need dimensions in their sexual experience.

  • We are helping couples to reconnect sexually.

  • Helping couples discover new theories and understand sex

  • Assisting couples to find new practices to spice up their sex life.

Topics that we will cover

  • Sexual cliches that don’t help us

  • Why is talking about sex so difficult?

  • Why is initiating sex such a sensitive act?

  • Why a monogamous couple’s sex life will change.

  • Challenges to our sex life.

  • A deeper understanding of your sexual wiring and your partner's sexual wiring.

  • How to get your zest back.

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